UiPath Marketplace is not very user friendly - ADD OPENING LINKS IN NEW TABS

Hi all. Just want to say that I think the UiPath Marketplace is awful to use. It has lots of nice fancy looking features, but it is horrible to use to try to find new add ons.

I want to be able to click on marketplace items and open them in a new tab. That is not possible. The old Marketplace before this new update (which was 1 or 2 years ago) was much better.

Why can I not open links in new tabs? That is a horrible feature.

It’s trash. Do the people who coded the website even use it? I think not. If they did use it, they would find it completely garbage.

Don’t get me wrong, I love UiPath Studio and Robot and Orchestrator and all sorts of things. But UiPath Marketplace sucks because I can’t open links in new tabs. And then when you open an addon and go back a page, you’re put back at the very first page. So if you were 6 pages in, and you open an extension, now you have to go all the way from page 1 to page 6 again to continue where you left off.

Horrible UX.

Thank you for your suggestions @oscar

I sent it over to our Marketplace team :slight_smile: In the meantime, could you please provide some screenshots to add some more context?

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Hello Oscar. Thank you for bringing this up. Both of the issues you mentioned were fixed and are in production.

Anytime you have other issues, ideas or feedback do not hesitate to post on the forum or use the e-mail address provided during our short discussion.


Hey @Bogdan_Zavera! Awesome work! I can confirm the fixes are live and that I can open new marketplace links in a new tab, as well as see the destination URL for each item! Thank you so much, that’s a great fix. Now it will be even easier to try out new marketplace items!

Image of the new feature to open marketplace items in a new tab and see destination URL:

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