UiPath Main Certification


I want to do Certification on UiPath… How…?
academy.uipath.com : I completed Level 1 is this the certification. no more Main certification on UiPath

Reply plz,
Priya :slight_smile:

@Priyahk level2 and level3 certifications are there. Check in course list

yes, i know that… I am asking is it Main Certification on UiPath or is there any other Certification outside… i asked in institutes also they too don’t know.

Priya :slight_smile:

@Priyahk Do orchestrator course level 1 you done that is for bot development and orchestrator
course is for deployment of your bot

Hi Indra,

I finished Level 1 and Level 2 Test…
Level 1 - RPA Developer Foundation Training
Level 2 - Orchestrator Trainings

Level 3 - RPA Developer Advanced Training
RPA Infrastructure
Solution Architect
SAP Automation Training

My Point: Is this valid Certifications

Priya :slight_smile:

Hi @Priyahk,

Yes it’s valid.
You can learn lot if u do that course.
And also the certificate is valid for 1 year.

Regards, Arivu

Better late then never… This is just a diploma certificates for taking up trainings. For main certification you need to go to https://certificate.uipath.com/
It is free untill 31 March 2019