Uipath Mail activities

Hello teams,

I have a problem when I try send or receive email via Uipath.

For exemple I used “GET OUTLOOK MAIL MESSAGE” activity but I have this error : “message”: “Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not exist”,

Please , you can help meget outlook mail.xaml (5.5 KB)


Check the settings

Have you tried with “Get IMAP Mail Messages” and “Send SMTP Mail Message” ?

With Outlook try this :point_down:

1 - Pass the account name in “Account” attribute and just the folder name in the “MailFolder” attribute
2 - Which folder are you trying to read? Are you able to see/open the same folder manually ?
3 - Provide folder path in correct format: - folder\subfolder

“Bandeja de entrada” it is folder from get the emails

I try to read folder’s name “Bandeja de entrada”

Have you tried “Inbox” instead of “Bandeja de entrada” (which is the spain translation)?

thanks guys it is work , I used Send Outlook activity and my folder 's name ;
I don’t know why isn’t work it before

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