UiPath loss all installed packages When start a new windows sesion

I configured UiPath studio v(2018) with all avialable activities (Manage Package).

But when I start a new windows sesión UiPath not found this package, and I need to configure again,

In this case, there are some client security policies that imply that the user’s profile is “re-initiated” at each windows session start.

So, how can UiPath be configured to NOT use the path:
Local (%LocalAppData%\UiPath\Activities) ??

For example, If I want to use the path “D:\apps\UiPath\Activities” ???

We have tried to modify the configuration file:

modifying the tag “DestFolder” but when UiPath Studio start returns to the original value of that tag!

How can I re-configured UiPath?

Hi @mbianchi

Are you using the Community Edition of UiPath?
If so, it is by default installed in your user folder and that cannot be changed for sure.

I am not sure if it is possible to change the paths for it to be able to save the files in a different folder. Maybe someone with more knowledge about it will be able to help you.

Hi, yes I’m using the Community Edition.

Thanks in advance