Uipath logs getting deleted daily

Hi team,

I am using Uipath 2016 version,in which the logs genrated on daily basis will be deleted daily. I am not able to see today’s logs for tomorrow. Please let me know what setting needs to be done in Uipath.i wanted the logs of last 3 days and beyond 3 days logs should get deleted.

Please help

Shirish Pathak

Are you talking about logs in your local machine? Logs don’t get deleted by themselves.
If you are talking about logs in a RDP machine, then there are possibilities that your environment provider is performing some maintenance actions on the system which delete these data.

How we can detect who is doing the same?

Is it in a RDP machine?

It is Vdi

Then there are possibilities that a new image of VM is created everyday by the environment provider, which is erasing the uipath log files.