UiPath Linux Robots #2A: Essential Docker Basics & Cross-platform Automations

Hello Community,

Following the Part 1 video on Linux Robots that dropped here last week, the Part 2A video goes the extra mile to set the stage before Linux Robots can be deployed.

This involves familiarizing ourselves with some much needed Docker essentials.

Obviously, audience can skip sections of coverage that they’re already familiar with. The Part 2A video track covers the following topics:

  1. 00:33 - Prologue
  2. 04:08 - Essential Docker UI Fundamentals
  3. 08:06 - Essential WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux 2) Settings
  4. 12:24 - Essential Docker Container Commands
  5. 21:12 - Orchestrator Setup for Linux Robots
  6. 25:06 - Creating Cross-platform Automations in UiPath Studio

The code demonstrated in this video and the next (part #2B) has been shared here.

Cheers & Happy Learning!