Uipath.lightningforce.com user Lock out


Currently having issues getting access to uipaths documentation which was linked to me by your support staff. Site in question is : uipath.lightningforce.com
Same email as was used to create this post.
"Your account has been locked. Contact your support person to unlock it, then try again."
Internal account managers for microsoft AD have been contacted and no lock was located.

Error Code: 500571
Request Id: a9693b7f-a876-46c3-9587-fea60ed9dc00
Correlation Id: 79048ac5-f425-49b2-934b-a7044ebf4e7b
Timestamp: 2021-11-29T07:18:32.496Z

Small correction since i cant seem to edit the original post. Link is uipath.lightning.force.com