UiPath Licensing Server or Website Details

Unable to activate my studio.
Where is the details of UiPath Licensing Server or Website, so that we could whitelist those details or add those information into our account.

check this - https://robot.uipath.com/docs/services-the-robot-connects-to

@Akash_N_Jain thanks for sharing the link.
But I’m looking for details on the licensing of the studio to run.
The link shared by is licensing of the robot.

Hi @chetan8626 - The details that robot connects to holds good for Studio as well in terms of licensing.

@Akash_N_Jain I’m looking for the UiPath license server and IP details to get whitelisted on our network.
So that to check with the communication is happening between our machine and UiPath licensing server.
I’m gettting below error when I try to activate my studio.

Activation failed with error: -4303
Error description: SOAP Host can’t be resolved
License status: Undetermined

Device ID: 5uEm3KVofBnJCFcBi9am
Computer: ******
User Name: ******

Please contact your IT admin team and white-list our license server “my.nalpeiron.com”.
Also you can do offline activation - https://studio.uipath.com/docs/activating-your-studio-license

Kindly help me in fixing the issue. I’m unable to proceed further.

Hi, Did you try offline installation…


I’m using a community edition, not enterprise edition.

Please make all of the URL’s given in below URL are whitelisted

also check these at end of the page:
Depending on your business policy, some URLs might need to be whitelisted for the following actions:

  • Activating your License - my.nalpeiron.com (port 80). This URL only needs to be whitelisted for Robots which are licensed locally.
  • Updating Studio - *.uipath.com/beta/ (port 80), Beta update channel for the Community Edition
  • Downloading Packages - www.myget.org, *.vo.msecnd.net, www.nuget.org (port 443)
  • Connecting to Orchestrator Community Edition - https://platform.uipath.com (port 443)
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Thanks for the info