UiPath Licensing for Consultants

Hello everyone!

We are a small team of IT-Consultants that is planning to complete UiPath certifications to gain enough expertise so that we can take RPA consulting services into our portfolio. However we couldn’t manage to find out how excatly your licensing model works and how high the associated costs on our side/our customers side would be when offering such a service.

To give you a more detailed example, let’s say we’ve successfully passed certain UiPath certifications and are now able to develop RPA solutions using UiPath for our customers.

What are the licenses we have to acquire to be able to develop solutions for our customers, and what charges will occur for our clients?

A quick explanation or example of how high the costs on the side of the consultant are and which licences we need, as well as the costs/required licenses on our customers side would be helpful and we would very much appreciate your help :slight_smile: