Uipath license procedure

We are planning to implement RPA project using UIPath and our company is using the community edition for training and R&D purposes. Do I need to know what is the procedure when we are using UIPath on client’s location? Since we are planning to do some implementation and R&D on the client’s PCs with the community edition. IF the project is getting the success they are planning to move Production environment. And they are also planning to purchase UIPAth license. Are we ok to follow this procedure?

Hello Lasitha Wijenayake,

Presently this procedure works great for training and R&D purposes, But plans of moving into production environment needs different version with purchased license. In which some projects/automation files needs few corrections before going Live into production. My suggestion will be work on the development and make a detailed report of methodology and approach using in it, so that it will be easy to make corrections for when you implement using purchased version.

Manish Kumar Mothukur

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Even i am trying the same as you are doing…
Did u issue get solved?
can you please help me?