UiPath License Issue

Because of administrative privileges, I reinstalled UiPath to computer Admin profile and it has been successfully activated.

UiPath in Admin profile is working well with Enterprise Edition license but when I switched to User profile , it still asking for a license key for enterprise edition. I temporarily chose the Community Edition but we want to use the UiPath with Enterprise Edition license in User profile only not in Admin profile .

I know that the application/program that was installed and used by the Admin Account should also be used by the User Account.


  1. Our UiPath license is for Enterprise Edition. I have already activated the UiPath license for Enterprise Edition in Admin profile and it works fine. User profile and Admin profile is in just one computer only. My only concern is why we cannot use the UiPath Enterprise Edition in User profile?
    Does it mean we should also have a Enterprise Edition license for the User profile?

  2. Can I deactivate the enterprise license from Admin profile then re-activate it to User profile?

Thank you in advance for answering!

Hi @MissEcE,
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You can open report your issue to our Technical Support.