Uipath License Attended( Named User & Concurrent)

I have 1 x Attended Named User and want to change the type to 1 x Attended Concurrent
In that case (Attended Concurrent), do we have to use Floating or Standard?

Can anyone please advise?

Hi @sauvaish,
According to official documentation:

  • Standard Robot - works on a single Standard Machine only, namely the one defined when creating it. This is ideal for the scenario in which a user always works on the same machine.
  • Floating Robot - works on any machine defined in Orchestrator, be it Standard or Template, as the machine name is not relevant when creating it. Only Attended and Development Robots can be floating, and as such, they become licensed automatically when you open the Robot tray. These types of Robots only work with Active Directory users and are useful if the machine you want to add a Robot to has a different name each time it is spawned, such as for Non-Persistent VDIs. Same goes for hotseat environments, where different people are working in shifts on the same computer.

HI @Pablito ,

Can u please elaborate ?

By this I meant that changing license from Attended to Attended Concurrent makes no difference. Concurrent means that when robot is not working the licence is free and available to other robots. So it makes sense if you have for example 20 robots and 10 concurrent licenses. Then each robot can take any free license to do his job unless there is any license available at the moment. Additionally it has nothing to do with Floating or Standard type of robot. Floating means that your robot is not assigned to one machine. It can work for many of them in whole environment (this requires domain). Standard robot is just bonded to only one particular machine.

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