UiPath Library: Assigning an Implementation Version eliminates Arguments list on Save

Using Studio 2018.4.3

Steps to recreate:
1.) Created an orchestrator library
2.) Created a new activity, with an argument of myArgument (In/String)

If i save it, it saves fine, when i close out of the activity and relaunch it, the argument appears.

If you click on outside of the workflow panel that appears on stage, the Properties panel displays the System.Activities.ActivityBuilder object, with 2 properties (DisplayName (string) and ImplementationVersion (ofType Version)). DisplayName is fine, it has the filename of the Activity i created. However, the ImplementationVersion is blank. If I update that field with any value (in my case 1.0 (not in quotes), it doesn’t throw any validation errors. When i save the activity, close it out, and reopen it, the argument i put in for the activity (MyArgument), disappears.

Not sure if this is an issue, or if i’m mishandling the ImplementationVersion property. I couldn’t find any material on the ImplementationVersion. If i leave it blank, everything works fine. Thanks!

@rhibbert Thank you for this post, it helps my sanity.

Using Studio 2020.4.2 the exact same thing occurred when I incidentally entered an ImplementationVersion on my workflow as I was writing Test processes.

I too do not have the knowledge of the use of the ImplementationVersion property. But ouch, didn’t think it would cause this situation. Resolution was to leave it blank in all circumstances.

Definitely would like to find out what that property is supposed to do.

Thanks for reporting, I reproduced it on 20.10 as well. Our team will have a look :slight_smile:

Small update - this property is simply not supported. This limitation will be documented.