UiPath Library Application in .NET

I am using the UiPath libraries to make an executable, see below snip for code:

        Variable myBrowserVariable = new Variable<Browser>();
        OpenBrowser samsungPortalBrowser = new OpenBrowser();
        samsungPortalBrowser.NewSession = true;
        samsungPortalBrowser.BrowserType = BrowserType.Chrome;
        samsungPortalBrowser.Url = "http://www.youtube.com";
        samsungPortalBrowser.UiBrowser = myBrowserVariable;
        runWorkflowApplication(samsungPortalBrowser, myBrowserVariable);

The issue with the code is that I do not get myBrowserVariable to gain the value of the Browser I just ran, what is wrong exactly?

In addition, how can I get a strongly typed variable type from myBrowserVariable of type Variable (it should be Browser type), so that I can get the Element.Selector from it?

This is the runWorkflowApplication method:

    private void runWorkflowApplication(object ActivityObject, Variable UiPathVariable = null)

        Sequence createSequence = new Sequence();

        catch (Exception e)

        WorkflowApplication createWorkflowApplication = new WorkflowApplication(createSequence);

        createWorkflowApplication.Completed += workflow_OnWfCompleted;

        //while (!Workflow_Completed)

Thank you!