Uipath Libraries & Packages Move

Hi Team - Need some help.

We are making Orchestrator (22.10.5) Version Admin setting to separate packages to Tenant level from HOST level.

Ex: In HOST level, planning to move all libraries to Tenant (SandBox, DEV, QAT…etc)

What is automated Process of moving packages from Host level to Tenant level.

Currently in the Orchestrator (22.10.5), the already published packages in the Host feed are not automaticallyemphasized text moving or copying to the Tenant feed.

Is there any utility/script from UiPath which will move the required/necessary packages/libraries from Host feed to Tenant Feed instead of manual feed?

We are looking to keep the UiPath official packages (Ex: UiPath.System…etc) at the tenant specific and its internal dependencies. The built-in custom packages move we will take care of it. But official feeds we are looking some options to move automatically.

Anyone faced the same requirement? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Can you check if it match your needs?

Hi - Once we changed the setting, all the libraries are disappearing from tenant level. So if we need to install the above robot wont work.

unfortunately the feedback is unclear. Maybe you can rephrase and bring it into the relationship to Orchestrator Manager and what was done in detail