UIPath Level3 Assignment 01


I have completed Level3 assignment01. all the items completed fine. all items processed in ACME. But still saying failed



Please make sure that Email used for Acedemy should be same as ACME System 1 login email ID.

Also don’t reset your data until assignment get evaluated.

However you can verify all WI5 items status are change to completed.

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hi @SUPRIYO05 ,
please check whether you’ve done in your project,

  • use same email which you’ve have used to login to the academy to login to the ACME system 1

  • 1111
    check whether the space between the first name and the last name is removed. if so add a
    space between the first name and the last name. the space is a must otherwise you’ll get a
    incorrect hash code.

  • do not reset you’re test data after submitting the project.

  • check whether you’ve completed all the WI5 items in the list and set he status to complete in each and every item.

thanks. :smiley: