UiPath Level 3 Help Required

I have completed the 1st assignment on level 3 but there seems to be some issue, but my workflow does not show any errors.


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Could you please tell more details about the issue and so that we can help you better in this.

High chance it is a logic flaw

Main(Autosaved) last_Version_1.0.xaml (60.0 KB)

Above is the file I am trying to run please check if you guys find anything and let me know


Hi @Rohit_Mahale,

could you please zip and provide the full project, so that we can access the invoked workflows :slight_smile:


ReFrameWork-master.zip (1.9 MB)

Please check the file above.

All right, and what is the exact issue you are facing while running?

It runs throughout without showing errors, but in actual does not process the SHA1 site. I mean does not click on hash and so every process coming next does not work.

It basically only logins into acme and scrapes the data then opens sha1 but besides that nothing works.

Please check this thread

have you seen the zip file

Also try checking your variable:

Also by briefly checking (Maybe you have done in another step) at some step after extracting the data table you are supposed to transform it into the array at some point and select only “WI5” and Status “Open” by using "dtWorkItems.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status = ‘Open’”).

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Gotcha, How am I suppose to deal with this now

No worries. Basically within the try get transaction data you have 2 variables called transaction item. I would think you have created a new variable while importing the get transaction data arguments at „invoke gettransactiondata workflow“ part. Type DataRow should be the correct one, but this requires that you have an array of data rows first. So after the extract table part please add an assign activity as described above in order to transform you data table into an array of rows with only items of type wi5 and status open. Hope this helps

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