UIPath Level 3 Assignment: Selector Issue while downloading reports


I am having an issue with the selector when trying to download monthly reports, it downloads for one month and gives an error for the second file, can someone guide how to solve this ?

Use wildcard in place of report name.It is written in title and name tags.
Like Report-*.csv. Also keep UI Explorer open and get a selector on the second file that way you can compare it with your original selector.

Hi, thanks for your response.
I used the wildcard, I’m able to download for 2 months which have data April and August …the months which do not have reports, how to deal with that as it keeps displaying the second month screen - the month August is being displayed 3 times and downloaded 3 times.

You need to use a for each loop over a months array having January till December. It should run one time for a month. After clicking download, use element exists for the popups, to check the months without any records and just click OK on these popup and move to next month.
If only the month have record then you go ahead and with saving it. So you would have an if activity after the element exists to know if record exists for that month.

Please follow the pdf walk through steps provided in the lesson.