UiPath Level 3 Assignment 1 graded 0

Hello community, I have run my Client Hash Security project and it was graded zero. I have tried checking if hashes had been updated in the table and all other things. I have no error. Where did I go wrong can someone help please?

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Check whether the hash code is correct…

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Good morning… Like many others, i struggle with the assignment 1 upload.

I have checked the hash (sha1) as suggested, zipped the whole folder, run through the whole workflow, etc. I’ve ‘hardcoded’ the username and password since surely UiPath doesn’t have access to my Orchestrator?

Could the problem be with the username/password not using the GetCredential workflow, does uiPath use my Orchestrator account, do I have to load the project on Orchestrator?


Seems like a person must run the process and then upload the workflow.

You have to Run the process and then Upload, before running make sure reset data in Acme and after running dont reset anything, upload complete zip file.


Thanks! That’s what confused the heck out of me. I thought it should be ‘clean’ data and not processed :slight_smile: