Uipath Level 3 Assigment Evaluation Error


I have uploaded the answer zip of Uipath Level 3 - Advance Training assignment 1. But it is stuck in “Waiting for evalution” since 24 hr.

Please suggest me solution because I can’t able to re-submit the assignment.



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hi @saili
do not upload a zip file

just record your process assignment via screen recording and upload that video
or upload your video in to YouTube and you can link your youtube into your assignment

ok but now it is not giving me re-submit assignment option. It is stuck in waiting for evaluation. What can I do now?

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sorry its bit of updated , no issue with your zip
just wait some will give you the result :
sometimes its take some days for some peoples

just wait and watch
if its keep more than like 3,4 days just contact

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Ok. Thank You.

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