UiPath Level 3 Assesment 2 how to use a for loop to iterate and retrieve the months

I have a problem, I’m stuck at iterating to get the months to at the monthly reports section. Are there any ways to do so?

Have a string array like this


Click target month in the for each loop on month like this


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Can you help me check if I did anything wrongly? I’m slightly confused :confused:

Okay so when you use dynamic selector as we are in Month and Year dropdown we should not open the Selector Editor and we should type directly into Selector Textbox like this

Hey @PrankurJoshi thanks for the reply, I’m able to complete that but now I have another problem that arose. The problem is that at a certain month where there is no report to download, Idk where to head on from there, I did put an if but still got lots of problems could you help me out? thanks :slight_smile:

You can use if element exists for this -


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Thanks a lot Prankur, that really helped me get ahead :slight_smile:

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Hey @anon78174196

you can Check existing post :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response @aksh1yadav, I’ve succeeded past iterating the months. Now I’m trying to get my hands wet by merging all the files I’ve downloaded into one :slight_smile:

Great… Keep going… Just Merging it is so you can do it.



Thanks man if I need any help I’d state my problem again :slight_smile:

Hey @aksh1yadav I have a problem now, previously when I ran my program up to merging the files for each individual month for the ID to the yearly files, it was perfectly alright but now after adding the upload yearly files and getting the hashtag and updating the work files. It takes one uploadID and uses it to update every other work files as well. If you want I can send you my file, so you can inspect it.

Thanks, Tarzan

Main(Autosaved).xaml (154.0 KB)

This is my file