Uipath Latest Terminal activity v2 compatible with older studio?

Is the latest Terminal activity (v2.0.1) compatible with studio enterprise 2019.10.2, 2019.10.5 ?

We have some terminal activities we created on the latest enterprise studio 2020.10.3 with latest v2 terminal, We may have to use 2019.10.2 studio due to different client and license reasons and we know for a fact the mainframe we are talking to is not compatible with “terminal activity 1.3.4”, I wasn’t able to download an older studio and test it and I cant find an official document that shows studio and activity compatibility.

if the older studio is ok with latest terminal, then is there a robot version and orchestrator compatible issue? the client have and older orchestrator too

My understanding is even if the orchestrator is older we can still use the latest studio and robot that comes with it , so not sure why we have to use the older studio anyway , but this might be a requirement so please help, thanks in advance