UiPath language analysis Semantic Similarity model having internal server error

Hi, the semantic similarity model is having error code 500 that is due to some internal server error,
I am not sure whether this is due to a fault in the model or a problem with the server itself but i have tested it with another colleague’s account as well which also faces the same issue.
The input I provided was the one from the documentation
{“reference”: “I like trains because they are fast”, “candidates”: [“I like trains because they are quick”, “I like trains because they are comfortable”, “I do not like buses because they are slow”, “I do not like trains because they are uncomfortable”]}

Hi @Kavi_Varun ,

It does seem to be the same happening on my end as well. Maybe the Team is fixing this issue and it should be available soon.


Hi @Kavi_Varun

Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue.

Hi @loginerror
The same issue is still present for me, I tried it with a new ML Package from scratch also.

Is there any update on this issue?

Sorry for the repeated pings but I found the solution to the issue by downloading the package and running it on my local machine.
The reason it does not work is due to a release of a new version of the transformers package and so changing the requirements file to use a previous version of that package helped fix the issue.
I think if a new version is released with this change it would start working for everybody @supermanPunch

Thank you for pointing it out. A fix is on the way :slight_smile: (it will be released in a future version)

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