UiPath job stops when I use my system

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I have created a bot using Ui path which fetches data from SQL and insert into excel sheet.
this takes almot 5-10 mins.
Problem is if I use my system during that job runs that jobs fails and exit the insertion of data.

This job requires a image which should be available during run.

How can I solve this issue?



You can always check by maintaining two windows side by side, and make sure when the bot is working you have to give the proper window and activities should enable stimulate property, so that you can bot can perform stimulate click or stimulate type

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it is not allowed to maintain two windows at same time because of business rules.
Any other option in Ui path by implementing that my job can run at backend?


You can perform validation separately, but it will slow down your process to close one window and open another for every transaction. Alternatively, you could write what was done to a log file and have a person review it when the process is done.

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If your process used image then it’s difficult to run in background.
You can do one thing use some alert or some user interaction before just before image part is used.
So you can move that time to process to continue

@Shiva_Panchal_Annik -
if your robot activity is related to interactions with UI (Web or Windows app) required robot to control the mouse/keyboard actions - you can’t takeover the control of the robot ( it will fail with exceptions).
To stop/block user inputs during the activity - you can use the block-user-input activity -

if your robot is performing the back-end activities likie moving files from A to B without mouse/keyboard actions - you can use your machine during the activity.

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