UiPath Jenkins Integration issue

Hello Everyone,

We are integrating UiPAth + Jenkins. Facing an issue while executing Powershell script to execute PACK command.

Having the same problem …

Has anyone got success in running the UiPath from Jenkins? If yes please share the steps to configure.

I have installed the UiPath Pulgin and tried to follow this:

but it did not worked.


The Jenkins Plugin available on Go! is in a beta state and not officially supported or maintained. Atm we are working on a product version of it, available with our April release. This new version will be able to pack and deploy workflows/test cases and run test cases on Orchestrator.
Meanwhile, I am happy to assist you with the issues you are facing with the old version. Could you provide some further details here, or if you prefer to join a zoom call on it, pls drop me an email on thomas.stocker@uipath.com

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Hi @ThomasStocker,
I have downloaded the zip file. I extracted it. It has the hpi file. Can you guide me that how to use it.

Thank you

Hi balupad14,
to install a .hpi file on Jenkins pls follow these steps:
Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> (Tab) Advanced -> Upload Plugin (Choose File)

After installation, you will have 1 build step available called ‘UiPath Pack’ and 1 post-build step called ‘UiPath Deploy’

For details on the usage pls have a look at:

If there any further questions, pls let me know.


Hi Thomas,

I am facing the same issue. Any help will be appreciated.


Hi Sachin9s, as mentioned, lets setup a zoom call to discuss.

Hi Thomas,

I re-installed Enterprise version and issue got corrected.
Thanks for replying.

Hello Thomas,

I was wondering about the latest news on this topic. Did the official plug-in release happen? Or Does UiPath plan to make some tutorials or some more specific documents about it? We are also new at Jenkins-Uipath integration and could really use some help.

Is there anyone who has successfully run test on Jenkins?

I am having issues on how to setup the user account.

Hi @Glenn_V, to set up your username-password credentials with Jenkins, you’ll have to follow the steps outlined here.

Thank you for the response. I have tried this but my orchestrator account is on gmail, so it has no password. Would you know how to configure that?