UiPath Java Bridge setup for OpenJDK 11 how to do that correctly

I have to create a robot process working on an application that is based on Java OpenJDK 11.
In this case the UiPath Studio cannot install the UiPath bridge as usual into the ‘ext’ directory located in the directoy ‘lib’ because that directory does not exist - since JDK 9 - and it is not allowed to create that folder.
In case someone creates this (empty) directory the application will not start and shows error message “Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. A fatal exception has occured. Program will exit.”. Removing that folder again, will lead to a normal start.
Now I want to ask whether there is someone who got the bridge running with JDK 9 or higher and I also want to ask how you did that.
Thanks in advance.


Please post if you found any solution.
Thanks in advance

I cannot understand that UiPath didn’t fix this problem. They told us that it works with 11, but with this problem we are still alone?

In general, the directory doesn’t matter in my opinion, the main thing is that these files can be found via the search path. I think you know the environment variable “Path”.

My solution was that I manually copied the files needed for the bridge into the ‘lib’ directory of that ‘target’ software, because it is a java application and has this directory. Also I made sure that this directory was part of the “Path”.
The files are
Remeber: You have to take care, that these files are still there if there was an software update for that application!
May be that will be sufficient for your needs. Please be sure that you will use a version of UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities >= 20.4.1
I use actually 20.4.2 in my projects!
If you need futher help, please let me know.

It is working. Thanks for the solution

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