UIPath is writing to Excel only one time



Hi everybody, I have a problem here that I am not able to find out of. When scraping a data-table, and then writing the range into a Excel file it works fine. The first time. But, if I delete the data, and run the robot a second time (or third, fourth and so on) nothing is written in. It only works one time. Any idea what I am doing wrong here?


Please post ur workflow so that we can see , if there is defect in code.



SL.xaml (28.2 KB)

This is the workflow



You just add only write Range after DataScraping, Try once.



Moved it and tried again, still not working…



Try This

SL.xaml (29.3 KB)


Hi, sorry for late reply, been travelling… I am afraid it did not work. It does open Excel, and it does create a new sheet if I delete it, but it does not write anything into Excel.