UiPath is not working correctly? Non rookie problems, Robot running slow, Green way prime suite

UiPathFailing.zip (6.1 KB)

I’m having a lot of issues with UiPath lately. I don’t understand what’s happening.

Here is a simple process. I’m trying to pass a variable from one workflow to another, but it’s getting lost somewhere. GetVariable workflow gets the desired values, and I can preview the messages inside that workflow. Outside the workflow it gets lost. And I can’t pass it to another workflow.

Greenway Prime Suite, an application I have to work in. After logging into the application, the robot runs SLOW. I don’t have any delays placed anywhere. Except where applicable. But these delays are about 500MS.

What should I do? This is happening way to often where I have to create a brand new workflow process with all the same activities from scratch. Even this solution doesn’t work all the time.

I’ve passed the certification. Check my history if you’d like. This is becoming very repeatable.

I am using Version 2018.1.1