Uipath is not detecting the "+" or the little square sign found on a cell's bottom right corner

What should i do if i want to click on the
square sign
because while recording with uipath it does not detect the square button .Uipath only detect the whole cell.

Why you want that
If you want select range then u can use Select Range activity

Because the no. of rows can become less or more each time i update my excel so i can’t define the range.

In that case you can read the excel file and check the rows count “DT.rows.count”
Use the count values in activity.

Let me explain you the actual situation for example :
In the excel sheet shown below
I want the “sumif” funtion to apply in the D column.
I tried 1) type formula in D2 cell press enter and result is the formula applied on cell D2.
Now pressing cntrl+shift+down key and then enter cell moves to D3 but formula doesn’t applied on it.

It only applies to the whole column when i double click on the small square button of the cell. That’s the reason i wanted to detect the button.

You can use,
Read Range: Datatable
Then for Rows Count: Datatable.Rows.Count

Thanks for your help @ImPratham45. I got a way using native citrix.


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