UiPath is not available for downloading from Ukraine

Dear colleagues, could you help me or advise? I can not access to the community version UiPath Platform from Ukraine. As I understand this problem is related that UiPath cannot divide Crimea and Ukraine. Crimea under sanctions. How can I resolve this issue? Thanks a lot!


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Please chekc below thread.

Hi @DmitriyInnora,
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Please don’t put your private data here. Please sent those in private message to me.

We are Ukrainian residents and live in Kyiv (it’s outside of Crimea).
Could you provide us on-premise version of the UiPath platform?
Unfortunately, I have no rights to sent you any private messages to you/

Hi @DmitriyInnora

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You will be able to send private messages as quickly as you hit the next trust level. Please see here:

All you need to do is:

And then you will be able to: