UiPath is not able to capture Notes or Decision pop ups in EBS Java app

I have attached screenshots of pop ups which I am not able to capture.



Did you install the UiPath Java plugin?
Is other another form you are able to scrape?
Only popups are blocking?


Hi Srinivas,

Yes JAVA Plugin is installed.
I am able to extract selectors of other forms and components.
Only Popups are not visible to UiPath.


Hi @tusharUdeep , what if you move the pop-up such that it has nothing in the back? Can you indicate it then?

Thanks Vlad

It is working in this way.


Welcome back to uipath community

Open Ui explorer option from design tab and there you can see UI framework option
Usually under that there are threee different modes of selecting an element from a GUI

Try any one of those and let know if this issue persists

UI Frameworks - Changes the technology used to determine UI elements and their selectors. The following options are available:
Default – UiPath proprietary method. Usually works fine with all types of user interfaces.
Active Accessibility – an earlier solution from Microsoft for making apps accessible. It is recommended that you use this option with legacy software, when the Default one does not work.
UI Automation – the improved accessibility model from Microsoft. It is recommended that you use this option with newer apps, when the Default one does not work.
Click here to read more about Active Accessibility and UI Automation.

Delayed Restore - Delay restoring the UiExplorer window until after the selector data is loaded. Use this option when indicating UI elements that auto-close on focus lost, such as drop-downs or overlays.

  • Trigger Selector - Ensures the uniqueness of a UI element within its parent while increasing its monitoring accuracy. Use this option when generating selectors for trigger activities.

Cheers @tusharUdeep

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