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Guys, I need your help I’m fixed a bot in UiPath inside of a Virtual Machine(VM), as you know the great part of the business world, is working in remote mode. I found the error in the sequences of my process, but at the moment that I need to test or run the bot, this one lost the abnormal way. This means, for example, I did a Login process, this part works well in some moments, but in others, it doesn’t write well. Another example, if pass the Login, within of the process the bot minimize different windows, type letter or omit letters of different words in other cases. The only way that I found is to close UiPath and open again, but this is stressed because I don’t know when it going to fail, or not. I checked my setting in my VM, but it’s not working. I turned it off, and tried opened again, but works only for few minutes and it lost again. Do you think that is a configuration with UiPath or my VM? Maybe a configuration or necessary update.

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This is a longshot…

  1. Are all activity selectors filled? (Empty selectors only work on local and not WM)

  2. Are simulate-Click/Type enabled?

  3. WM servers Can be busy from time to time and that affects robots. Talk to your IT :slight_smile:

Hey, so check your selectors - if they are pointing to good elements - fix them remove unnecessary parts, and add more this which are only allowed for your element - Use UiExplorer.
About typing - try to use Set Text, if that won’t work use Type Into - check click before typing and simulate typing. If you are automating SAP some windows have dynamic selectors or are visible even if you don’t see them. Another thing add screenshot seq on SE and BE and post it here if you can so we can look inside here on the forum what is exactly wrong.