Uipath is able to capture Uiobjects in AA framework only, why other frameworks arent working?

I am unable to identify elements using other frameworks. Only AA frameworks, tried on different websites but nothing else works. Need your help here.

Try this EFramework

Thanks Krishna. But as per firm’s policy I can use only Uipath Frameworks.

This was built on UiPath only…

and exactly its not about framwork, as per the 3 uiframework technology (when you spy any object), only AA works for me. which is not satisfactory for several objects. hence needed a sol, because definitely something is not right with my uipath or chrome browser

ok then you need to un install and re install chrome browser UiPath extension and make sure exit the browser after installation. This is the key to work with Chrome extension.

sure, let me try this option. Will update you.

it doesn’t work, instead while using AA UIFrameowrk and using open browser command gives following error.
Open Browser: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension.