UiPath Invalid API token Error for the European region Smartsheet app.smartsheet.eu

I am using the dependency “UiPath.Smartsheet.Activities” to access Smartsheet through “API Token”, By default, it points to “US” version of the API and throws an error “Invalid Token” when I provide an API Token from the SmartSheet application hosted in European region “https://app.smartsheet.eu/
Meanwhile the same works well if try to Access the “https://api.smartsheet.com/2.0/
Can you please help me understand if there is a way to manage UiPath Integration with Smartsheet to Authenticate the API token for Smartsheet European Region?

Hi @meera.surendrababu , we are working this out with Smartsheet support and will update this thread as soon as we have some news from them.

Here is a note from Smartsheet regarding their API in the EU region:

Smartsheet Regions Europe is a separate data island. As an API developer working on a Smartsheet Regions Europe account, you should be aware of the following differences from the standard API:

  • The base URL for each API call is Smartsheet.eu instead of smartsheet.com. The API documentation uses smartsheet.com in all examples.
  • Smartsheet Regions EU uses a separate token from Smartsheet .com.
  • If you use a Smartsheet SDK, you must modify the standard config file to point to Smartsheet.eu.
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