UiPath Internal Terminal Emulator Edit Connection String

Studio/Robot version: 2018.4.1

Current behavior:

Hi folks,

I’m facing issues with the UiPath internal emulator showing and hiding fields unexpectedly, in this case the password is visible to the user when the Terminal Connection is visible during login.

I’d like to set the ‘ShowTerminal’ attribute to False during the login phase then edit it to True so the rest of the process is visible.

I’ve tried assigning the amended connection string after the login has been completed but get the attached error:

Is this possible?
Or should I simply keep the emulator hidden at all times?
TIA for any advice :slight_smile:

Hey @Hutch,

Welcome to the UiPath community.

As per the error you are trying to assign the string value to TUiPath.Terminal.TerminalConnection.

Can you change the variable type of local_terminalConnection to string from the variable pane?

Hi @amarasto, unfortunately as I’m passing this into other workflows to maintain the connection to the terminal it needs to remain as a TerminalConnection.

Hi @Hutch

Instead of hardcoding it why don’t you use it inside connect terminal session activity


Hi @AshwinS2,

Sadly, this creates a new connection (which then expects the user to login, even if I set the use existing connection to True)