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Hi Andy.

You are not using the reference from step 1 properly. That is, once you have a reference to an object, there’s no need to use Get File/Folder - just use it directly.

Most activities that create an object also output that object so that it can be directly used later. See this example:


Enter ID is for situations where you know the ID of an item but you don’t yet have a reference to it and want to obtain one.

You use it to enter an ID (from a string variable or saved value or whatever) and you get as an output an object that you can then use in your workflows.

See this more complex example that uses the Enter ID functionality:

  • you get a folder based on ID, obtaining a reference to it (A)
  • you create a new folder, obtaining a reference to it (B)
  • you move (B) into (A)

If you really really want to obtain a new reference to an object that you already know, you can do this:


But really, there’s no need to.

Hope this helps clarify things!