UiPath install corrupting Virtual Machine Operating System

Good Afternoon,

my team are facing into an issue in where it appears that the install of UiPath is corrupting in OS (win10). this is an intermittent fault and so far is only effecting a handful of our machines (out of ~1200) to resolve this we have to run SFC/Scannow in a report PowerShell (as we are not able to log in to the machine) however this is not a long term solution. we do have a Support ticket open with UiPath but I was hoping to reach out and see if anyone else is getting this and how they have stopped this from happening


It depends on a lot of parameters, but as of now I personally didn’t face this type of issue
May I know which version of UiPath is causing this type of issue?


we are seeing this with 19.10.2 and 20.10.8, this is also only effecting presentient virtual machines. Wanting to be explicit hear that the OS installation has been deployed across the estate, the issue that I raise hear is only on machines that have had UiPath installed