Uipath Insights Installation - Sisense service unavailable

I am trying to install Uipath insights
1) I have downloaded the uipath Insight installler
2) Have all the software requirements mentioned here
(Hardware and Software Requirements)
When I run the installer I got an error saying SISNESE SERVICES -Absent
But It was mentioned no where that Sisense needs to be installed
Can I get an detailed software requirement and if I need sisense can you give an link from where we can get trial version of sisense?

It looks like one of the prerequisites could be missing. Could you please make sure that along with hardware and software requirement, please ensure that the below services are whitelisted in the antivirus-

Please note orchestrator version should be 2019.10.16 or higher.

Once done, please follow the steps in the below link to enable the Insights feature in the orchestrator and install the insights-

Hope this helps.


Thanks Vikash
That was helpful
Can you provide me a link to download the sisense


There is no separate link for sisence it is with the Insight installer.

UiPathInsightsInstaller.txt (2.1 MB)
yeah I got it now.
When I try to Install .it is installing till 80 % after which rollback is happening and error occurred.
PFA error logs for your reference.
Can you help me out on that.

Please create a technical support case on the link Contact Technical Support with all the details above. Besides, please make sure that you are using correct SSL certificate and db_owner role is assigned to the database user. Also for the next attempt please delete the services mentioned in the below link

Can you please share the _CommandExecutor log file that has the same id as the log file you sent. It’s in the same temp directory as the file you provided. That will provide more details about this error.


UiPathInsightsInstaller_20200317191058.txt (479.8 KB) UiPathInsightsInstaller_20200317191058_CommandExecutor.txt (2.3 KB)
Hi Chris,
I saw those logs.
I am getting port number 443 error
I killed the services running in the port number 443 using command.
and I can also many sisense services running in the services.
PFA the log file for your reference.UiPathInsightsInstaller_20200317191058.txt (479.8 KB)


Hi @vishal_kumar ,
I couldnt able to find Sisense.AdvancedFormula services in my services tab.
PFA the screenshot of available services under sisense.

sisense services

Looking into the error logs, it seems that you are using a different application on port 443. Please make sure that the port 443 is available or try a different port available for https protocol. Also if you are installing both orchestrator and Insights on same server then please note this is not a recommended approach.