UiPath Insights app server C drive space increasing gradually

We have facing an issue in which Insights server C drive utilization increasing gradually. Now less than 10 GB is only free and it causing slowness. We found that in C drive under program data the folder Sisense space is increasing which contain logs. I am not sure which logs I need to delete to free up some space in C drive. Also if we delete some logs any problem to be occured to application server?

Hi @subinoodathil

Go to the Sisense folder under Program Data on the C drive. Look for log files that are taking up significant space. Typically, log files have file extensions like “.log” or “.txt”, also before deleting any logs, try to understand the purpose of each log file. Some logs may be essential for troubleshooting issues or auditing purposes. Consult Sisense documentation or contact their support team to identify critical log files that should not be deleted.


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