UiPath Insights and HA enviornments

Does insight support HA ? How load balancing with insights will work in HA Environment ?

hi @sishiramishra, we don’t have an official doc for this but there are ways to make Insights work with an HA orchestrator. the front-end of Insights (insights server) does not support HA out of the box yet. The front-end HA will be available in a later release. The Insights database should be part of the sql HA solution you use - that will cover the Insights Backend HA.

For example if you deploy insights on a VMWare VM, you can use vSphere HA to ensure HA for the whole VM; or if you use Hyper-V VM you can do same for a Windows Cluster.

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What if the VM Goes down ? As per the current installation, Insight is a standalone instillation so Orchestrator is listing to a FQDN/IP instead of a Load balance…

Do you think, the current insight can be setup with load balance with DR concept ?

we dont really have an officially supported DR setup right now. we do have some customers that have added a load balancer in front of the insights server so it should be possible

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