UiPath inner join activity result is different from MS Access inner join

Given the ff. two tables, our team uses MS Access to INNER JOIN these two tables using their unique keys (i.e contractNo column).
・dtA from excelInput
・dtB from excelMaster

I would like to eliminate the usage of MS Access, and instead join the tables using UiPath Datatable Join activity. However, I noticed that MS Access can join key values regardless of the ff. conditions/formats while UiPath cannot.

  1. regardless of leading and trailing spaces (△ is a space)
    ex. dtA: X0001 = dtB: X0001△
  2. regardless of half-width and full-width difference. (my data has Japanese chars)
    ex. dtA.N0001 = dtB.N0001

I would like to consult anyone how to efficiently address these differences in UiPath so I can eliminate MS Access during automation.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Upon further investigation, I found out that the previous process has a step that deletes trailing spaces and converts characters to half-width, before loading it to the MS Access. I will manipulate the data within Excel to do the said step before loading to UiPath.

Sorry for the false report. T_________T

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