UiPath Inconsistent Behavior



I am new to UiPath. I am trying to automate my application using UiPath but I am facing some challenges. My application runs on Citrix. Please help me to solve issues listed below:

  1. Script recorded for any process runs perfectly fine for first few runs but sometimes it starts failing after that, on same day for same release of the application, without making any changes in script
  2. Most of the times, any particular script fails couple of times in the starting, on same system and then passes without incorporating any changes in script
  3. Script which passes on one system fails on some other system

Can someone guide me on the same?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @singhpriy,

Can you please give more elaboration over error or exception you are getting?
Please note in Citrix automation, we have to be careful about the environment as only possible automation ways are Image or Keyboard automation.