Uipath image acitivity comparison cant be installed

What causes this error ? I wanted to use image comparison activity but it cant be installed. Any idea ? thanks.

Hi @AhmedKutraphali,
Can you show me your setting related to package feeds? It’s the first item on the left pane. Please check additionally if any firewall or vpn is not blocking your connection.

Hi @AhmedKutraphali
Has this been solved because I’m having the same issue. I downloaded the same package a month ago on a different laptop and all went fine, now suddenly we’re both having the same issue - quite ridiculous. Can anyone help please?

Sorry for the late response. All seems to be fine here. I guess it might be a connection to the feed interrupted somehow. Do you have still this issue?

Hi @ Pawel Wozniak

Facing same issue while installing Image comparision activity,can you help me on this

@bhargava.mallidi ,

Can I know what package you’re trying to install?