UiPath-IE Navigator-activity-not-updating-ur

Hi, I’m using a NavigateTo Activity within IE for my Assignment 2 (NavigateTo_WID).This sequence work perfectly until I call this sequence for second time in the process.
The navigator go to the WID page but the URL is not updated…
Then when I create a new report from a new ID, the save as command doesn’t work because the selector has changed. ('Title=‘ACME Sytem 1 -*’ become 'Title='https://acme-test.uipath.com…)
Any idea?

Check your preconditions are in place as expected before you navigate.

The second page looks like it has no title at all and so is defaulting to the URL. I think when you fix the first issue it will resolve the second issue.

If I put a breakpoint before the navigateTo activity, and if I click myself on an item, the url is correctly updated. The navigateTo is the problem but he’s working correclty at the start of the process…

Are you attaching to the browser instance before you navigate?

Yes but I tried without also and I have the same problem

try using & instead of + and/or change in_WIID to in_WIID.ToString

One of the reasons I dislike that UiPath use VB.Net and not C# behind the scenes is because of things like this.