Uipath how to check table in email?

Hi Team,
I want to check if the mail has a table.
If not, move the mail.

Thank you.


Is there any fixed text along with the table in the mail body ?

About this

Dear Team,

No. Company Name Position Email Tel.
1 TEOHONG SILOM Tanapong Sridawong IP Division Manager tanapong@teohong.com 0849420955
2 TEOHONG SILOM Chatchawarn Prachakuln System Engineer chatchawan@teohogn.com 0984613927


Check whether body of the mail contains these key words Company, Name, Position, Email Or Tel. then continue with this mail else skip this mail.

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Convert Mail to HTMLDocumentClass and get all the elements by tag name with table and check the count

Custom activity to extract tables from email:

It takes mailmessage as an input and returns a dataset with all the table content in the email.
If no table is there the datasetvariable.tables.count would be 0.