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completed 1_9_54521_1510877532_RPA Developer Foundation Diploma add me to group


Get me in please, I got his one as well :slight_smile:


Completed on 11/6/2017 (1_9_32731_1509937977_RPA Developer Foundation Diploma)


I have completed the UiPath Level 1 and Level 2 Training with username ankit_its_simple.
I received the Level 1 certificate on 7 Nov 2017 and Level 2 on 6 Dec 2017.
Please add me to this group.



Can you add me to the group I completed Level 1 certification. Username sriharsha.bhasuru



I have successfully finished Academy2 Advanced learning training today. :slight_smile:



I have completed the “Level 3 - Advanced” training on 2nd Dec.


Hi Viswanath Reddy, I have completed UiPath certification:wink:


Hi @badita,

I have completed both Diploma Training and also SAP Automation Training as well in October 2017.

Please add me to this Group.

Warm Regards,
Prashant Singh


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Add me to this group.



Finally Completed “Academy 2 Advance Certification :sweat_smile:”.



Hi Badita, Can you please add me to this group?


Hi Jiban,

You are already in this group. :slight_smile:



Can you also add me to this group.


Thanks in advance!


Hi @badita,

I have Completed my RPA Foundation Training and RPA Developer Diploma (Academy 2). Could you please add me to the group.

Nithin Prabhu


Certification completed. Please add me to the group.


Hi ,

I have completed my RPA Developer Foundation Training and UiPath Orchestrator 2016.2 Training Certifications.

Please add me in the Group

Thanks and Regards


Hi I have Graduated , could you please add me to the group


completed level 1,2 and 3 ,add me to the group