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Thank you for responding. For some reason I cannot get the Robot machine server details. But, after lot of testing I found that instead of this package - Balareva.EasyExcel.[Activities], I am able to resolve the issue with other package of yours - Balareva.Excel.Activties. Issue is fixed now

Thank you again Balamurugan!

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Hii @balupad14

Recently I tried to delete the column vise “Grand Total” in a pivot table and I used your “delete rows” activity but it didn’t work :frowning:

Do you know a way to delete “Grand Total” columns in a pivot table in excel ?

I can’t fin the Clipboard to datatable activity in the newest package version.

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Hi @stellalai8625 ,

The activity exists in the “BalaReva.Excel.Activities”

Thank you

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Hi is there any activity that can adjust cloumn width?

Take a look at this.

Note :

BalaReva has the enterprise version. It has more activities. Have time, take a look.



Hi @balupad14,

Is it possible to clear the entire excel sheet first (make the excel sheet blank) before paste from clipboard? If so, what are the activities I should use and which package? Thanks.

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Hi @stellalai8625 ,

Delete the sheet and add a new sheet with the same name.

To delete from “Balareva.Excel.Activities”

To add a new sheet from the same.


Dear @balupad14
Is the Package contains something that fix the following issue : How To Use Switch Statement to check if Values from Excel Column belongs to one Liste?

Hi @balupad14, could you help me with this problem? I’m trying to study a created process that uses your activities. When I open the project, im getting the following errors:

I`ve tried with all package versions but none of them worked.


When I use the Extract HyperLinks activity the activity locks the excel document and the notification always appears and because of that the activity never works.

Has anyone who has had this problem managed to find a solution?


I see in the latest version there is no hide & unhide column and rows? Why?

Why can’t I find the dependency package balareva excel scope in the new version? The old version has this balareva excel scope, but my project is developed in the new version. How can I get this dependency package?

Dear All,
Now you get the new release (31.0.0) of Easy excel. Here are the new activities that contains.

  • Get Range Style
  • Image Resize
  • Average Range
  • CountA Range
  • Count Range
  • Max Range
  • Min Range
  • Sum Range
  • Create Group
  • Collapse All Group
  • Ungroup
  • SaveAs Sheet

Thank you

Hi All,

Don’t want to read the excel range and load into datatable to find the sum ,average ,min ,Max ,Count ,CountA . Here is the sample for the formula area activity.

ExcelForumulaArea.zip (146.6 KB)



Please add this similarly package in (Manage Packages) UiPath Studio → please i need it in my project.

@balupad14 can you please migrate to use in (Windows projects) UiPath Studio

HI @Jefh

Thank you for using the package. I have sent a migrated package to UiPath. I am waiting the response from them.

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Thank you

Hi @balupad14, I appreciate this news today :tada::clap::clap::clap:. Thanks for bring the package to the community, this package is very useful.

Regards. :+1:

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Thank you @Jefh

In the BalaReva.EasyExcel.Activities. It has some activity to remove the filters.

  1. If the filters applied in the table , use the “Remove Filter”
  2. If it is not in the table use , “RemoveFilter NonTable”
    Here is the screen shot.