Uipath get the name of first sheet XLSX

I have a excel file,
I want to get the name of the first sheet,
I found an activity which is done by placing it within excel application scope.

But in my case i dont have access to it. I should be using file workbook activity.

Can anyone help me with this?

Use the “Use Excel File” activity to open the Excel file.

Inside that use the “Get Sheets” activity to retrieve the list of sheet names in the Excel file. This activity will give you a collection of sheet names.

Use the first sheet name from the collection to get the name of the first sheet. It will be at index 0

I cannot use , Use excel file, I don’t have excel on the system.

Use the open workbook instead of use Excel file & same steps mention above

[Solved] using BalaReva excel workbook activity - Get sheets name, and that returns the array of sheet names, and i get the first sheet by myArrVar(0)

For other researches: Prototype (recommended to enhance with using etc) at OpenXML Level

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