Uipath Gartner Report 2020 about working remotely from home during corona virus

Hi, guys! So, I’ve heard that there is a new Gartner report about UiPath and working from home remotely. I don’t know exactly. My boss told me to get this report. The problem is, I can’t find any. I am searching for it all day long, but I can’t find any Gartner report 2020 about Uipath. Can You help me? I find many interesting UiPath reports but not this one.

As far as I know, a 2020 Gartner report has not been created, but there is a 2019 report.

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Thank you so much, Anthony. Yes, I also did my research and could not find any 2020 Gartner report about UiPath… Thanks a lot. Seems like I was right!