UiPath.FTP.Activities not able to download related packages (FluentFTP & SSH.NET)


I am trying to upload a file to a FTP, but am getting problems with using the UiPath activities within the package “UiPath.FTP.Activities”. When starting the workflow in Studio, I get the following error messages in the output panel:


My guess is that these related dependencies would be automatically downloaded when getting the FTP package. However, when manually searching for them, I am not able to find anything related to FluentFTP, and the version for SSH.NET only has a version from 2013 (requirement is >= 2016.1.0).

This is the closest post that I could find which is related to this issue:

It does however not solve my issue. Please advice.

Many thanks.

This is the error message I get when I run the workflow:

And this is what the workflow looks like:

I actually managed to solve the issue myself. If anyone is interested, the solution was to download the nugets manually and insert them into the nuget folder of UiPath.

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